Vishal Biyani

01 May 2012

Portland startup weekend day 3 - PDXSW

So I finally caught up on some sleep and back from zombie state to write about #PDXSW finally! Day 3 started at 9 in morning, Dave my co-developer had stayed back whole night closing loose ends in our Android app. We had modules working as such and we needed to integrate with server through day! We had some bugs of course here and there, but we got overall a basic prototype working for MVP (Minimal viable product). Towards ends of day it was all about practicing the sales deck and demos! Enuf about my team, let’s look outwards a bit.

I met many teams through the day, some had their products ready, some had changed the original idea completely (if 54 hours at stretch make you change idea, I don’t know what happens to real startups over years ;)) and some could only finish the research and decided to postpone building of product sometime in future (If they win at all I guess)!

The evening was specially exciting. Going through the decks of all the 17 aspiring startups, their customer validation and product demos, enthusiasm and the puzzly questions by judges! We could see and notice “who is who” of Portland business & growing start-up community around us. And not to forget the beer taps!

The amount of learning over weekend for me was tremendous. I got a certain sense of accomplishment, and my aspirations of what I could do going forward raised much higher! The team work and strength that every individual in teams bought on table was exhilarating! I look forward to more such ventures!