Vishal Biyani

18 Mar 2021

Don't become a Developer Advocate fresh out of college!

Why you should avoid taking up a developer advocate job right out of college!
02 Jan 2021

No Rules Rules - Netflix System

The Netflix system of working
17 May 2020

Universal Laws of Success

Based on extensive research
15 May 2020

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

My notes and quotes from an inspiring book
03 May 2020

How to do parenting?

Raising kids for the future!
08 Oct 2019

Hydroponics at home

Farming without soil in your balcony
10 Feb 2016
19 May 2015

Learning Puppet : Free eBook

Learning basics of Puppet
24 Mar 2014

API economy

Integration platfotm as a Service
17 Mar 2014

Spring Integration to iPaaS aka Cloud Integration

Integration platfotm as a Service