Vishal Biyani

19 May 2015

Learning Puppet : Free eBook

Puppet is one of fast evolving and widely used infrastructure automation & configuration management platform. Puppet has changed the way infrastructure is built and deployed and continues to innovate the space. Keeping the pace of learning with puppet and in general this domain’s development is a challenging job.

While working, teaching and learning I realized that some of my learning can be useful for others to learn and contribute. So I decided to pen (or keyboard) down my thoughts along with simple use cases where you build things while learning.

Today I publish the first three chapters of eBook “Learning Puppet” in a slightly different format than a usual book. I want to keep the whole book free so that many learners can benefit from it. Feel free to download the book and use for your learning. I plan to release rest of book in two more instalments. Second instalment should arrive around end of June and last one roughly around end of July 2015.

This is my first attempt at book writing and I am sure I am far from perfect. If you have suggestions, comments, corrections or suggestions, feel free to comment or write to me.

I can consider conducting training/sessions on puppet and consulting projects etc. on a case to case basis. Feel free to contact me through any of social media channel links present at top of page if you have any queries.

Update: 24 Oct 2015

I started the Puppet book in May with a target of finishing in July. In mean time lot of things have changed – and primarily Puppet 4 has been released – which has major changes to previous version, for example lack of support for Ruby 1.9 or earlier, a new parser and so on. Which also means a rewrite of lot of stuff I have written in these chapters and in code.  I on other hand could not keep pace with publishing chapters due to professional commitments and travels. At this point I will discontinue the book in it’s original format and will work on individual posts to cover things in line with latest version of Puppet. On positive side I got some really good feedback and positive words on the book and will motivate me to write more!