Vishal Biyani

18 Jan 2013

The World Is an Open School!

Talent demand and availability of cloud platforms have led to a unique way education is offered. As long as you have a descent internet connection, no matter on which side of earth you are hiding, you can educate yourself at almost no cost or a fraction of cost of education in schools. The best part is anyone in this world can attend courses from best universities of world like Stanford, MIT and such! MIT’s  opencourseware has been in existence for few years, but never imagined then what could that grow to!

While this is field is still nascent and nobody knows future for sure, but where we stand today the opportunity to learn is immense. I am posting all such sources I know, and will try to update in future too, but if you know a source, please comment and I will add it up!

If anybody has done really groundbreaking work and really pioneered the field, it is without any doubt “Khan Acadamy” founder Salman Khan. History of Khan Acadamy’s founding is inspiring and has courses mostly in science subjects and humanities.

Coursera has courses ranging from education, medicine, food and nutrition to computer science and information technology. The first time I stumbled on Coursera was when Martin Odersky conducted his MOOC on “Introduction to Scla and Functional programming”. I could not finish the course, but was hooked to concept and content. Recently signed up for course on “Intro to Algorithms” which is being conducted by Princeton University professors.

Udacity is a rather new entrant to game, but has some neat courses on mathematics and computer science. More courses should be available, as a lot of universaties in California are collaborating to offer courses online with credit for university degrees.

Udemy is a platform where you can teach and learn. People who have something to teach all over world add content and people who want to learn get to learn for free or for a fees, based on course etc.

Learnable, which is part of SitePoint network also has some great content on web development. (Disclaimer: I am a writer and curator for CloudSpring section at

Edx has courses from leading universities such as Berkeley and MIT and Harvard!

Last but not the least, almost all big universities have their Youtube channel now days where they do publish courses, classes and discussions. For example Stanford’s classes 2 go are a great resource.

My list is by no means exhaustive! Did I miss something worth mentioning?