Technology notes – 26 July 2015

I stumble across interesting reads and I share it with with friend/colleague with whom I might be discussing that problem/technology etc. This series is an effort to document my own reading and filter the most significant once. I don’t want to start a series because for one there are really good once already which I follow (Will elaborate in a separate post soon) and secondly I want to keep it free in form. No fixed schedules like once in two weeks or no fixed length. I also don’t want to restrict these to software only – if I find an interesting piece on say 3D printing or VR or IOT I want to post that too. I will post once in a while when I think I have a few good reads to share. Without much ado – the first in series.

The only convention I will follow are:

  • Highlighting the keywords in blurb by making them BOLD
  • And giving a level indicator to each topic which will signify:
    • 1K: Detailed level post for which a detailed understanding of area is needed
    • 10K: Slightly higher level, you don’t need to understand the area too well but need to understand the basic premises
    • 100K: A really high view and you can relate to most things even if you don’t have detailed knowledge of area being discussed.

Technology Notes – 26 July 2015

Level: 100K

Big data is a big space (pun intended ;)) and we are seeing some real results in last couple of years. Yet the complexity of space, evolution of technologies and not knowing ground realities can make it a very complex task to separate noise from substance. I found the report from Oreilly an excellent reference and detailed walk-through of various areas and a good collection of opinions from industry leaders. A must read for anyone remotely interested in data and related areas:


Level: 1K

I have been working on bunch of Continuous Delivery tools where you create pipelines as workflows over last couple of years. But a recent article on StackStorm about workflows changed my thinking about CD tools quite a bit : Essentially CD tools are workflow tools for a specific problem domain, call them “Domain Specific Workflows” if you will. Of course there are actions which are specifically built and they reduce a lot of time in developing workflows – but at a simplified level they are workflow tools on steroids. (I have written an article here on why I think CI and CD are two different concerns and you should choose the right tool for right job). I did not get a chance to explore much of StackStorm but the concept of “Event Driven Automation” looks interesting, something to look at soon.


Level: 10K

Software Architecture is an interesting topic and I have been learning and practicing a lot of it recently. I lately finished “Scalable Internet Architecture” and learned a lot about how to build scalable systems. While reading I stumbled upon a post which is from 2013 but ideas are intact and they are discussed in detail. I learnt a lot in first reading through the four arcitecture patterns:


Level: 100K

I recently read an article on how Autonomous Vehicles will displace thousands of truck drivers in America – while that is the scary part there is plenty to be hopeful and happy about. Reid Hoffman has written an extensive post on how future will change with autonomous cars. A must read for someone looking at various perspectives of this area:

What did you find interesting recently?

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