Serverless Summit Bangalore India 2017

Serverless Summit India 2017 was the first conference focused on serverless technologies. This was my first stab at a talk after I started working on Fission and Go lang. The demo is not the best because I was using another person’s laptop due to some projector cable issues with my mac. You should definitely checkout Soam’s video at Kubecon USA 2017 which demos many new features in detail. The Fission project can be found on Github here


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ContainerCamp AU 2017

ContainerCamp is a conference focused on containers and brings together some interesting lineup of speakers. I was thrilled to have got the opportunity to speak at ContainerCamp Australia in 2017 and it was the first container focused conference in Australia. I conducted a workshop on Kubernetes 101 the day before the conference and the talk was focused on comparing frameworks which enable serverless style deployment on Kubernetes.

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