DevOps Days India 2016

DevOpsDays India has been one of my favourite conference to attend due to the quality of talks and speakers. In 2016 I finally got an opportunity to speak at DevOpsDays India. The topic of the presentation was “Making Kubernetes simple with Rancher”. I and Girish also had also written a book on “Deploying and scaling Kubernetes with Rancher” which is available for free here. The video from the conference can be seen below:

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DevOpsDays India 2013

I attended DevOpsDays India 2013 held in Bangalore. Overall program can be found here and videos should be uploaded in two weeks approximately. This is a personal account of my experience and what I enjoyed the most!

Traveling all the way from Pune, I made it just in time to Sidu’s keynote on building communities. Sidu has been founder of few startups and as part of C42 engineering they have built RubyMonk which myself and friends have found immensely helpful in getting started with Ruby.… Read the post