And one more: Cloud foundry!

After hanging around with Google App Engine for a while, finally some kickstart on Cloud Foundry! I think it’s  a great tool and good for anyone wanting to start with cloud deployments in general. Check out the first article on how to get started and be in cloud:… Read the post

Book review: Understanding PaaS By Mike McGrath

Disclosure: I was given an early free access to ebook for a review. I have read and understood the book and my review here presents my honest personal opinion

“Understanding PaaS” is a very short book on cloud computing specifically focusing on PaaS at a high level, the whole book is around 50 pages so you might finish the reading in one sitting. The book starts with explaining IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) which lays foundation for coming chapters.… Read the post

Simplest cloud guide

One of simplest eBook on understanding basic cloud concepts I found is “Demystifying the cloud“. The eBook explains origins, and basic concepts of cloud computing. Some basic terms such as IAAS, PAAS and SAAS are explained very well. The book goes on to introduce some providers such as “Amazon Web Services”, “Google App Engine” and “Windowz Azure”.

The best part: book is very short, barely 55 pages! Makes for a quick read with enlightenment on basic concepts :)  Thanks to Janakiram for letting me keep a copy of his book on my blog : Demystifying The Cloud Enjoy reading!… Read the post

Google Devfest2010, Pune

This is first part in series on “Google DevFest-2010, Pune”

Heads up

Today (3rd March 2010) I attended Developer Fest hosted by Google at Pune, named DevFest2010. Among speakers were Googlers Patrick Chanezon, Rajdeep Dua, Prashant Tiwari and three folks from Google partner companies: Impetus, Orangescape and Lepton. The write-up will primarily talk around Google Apps Engine (GAE), PaaS (Platform as a service) and SaaS (Software as a service), HTML5 and role of Google MAPs in enterprises and related business/technology cases/models.… Read the post