Book review: “Just spring integration” by Madhusudhan Konda

A good treat for a beginner 

Disclaimer: I received this e-book for free for writing a review of this book. I have thoroughly read this book and understood concepts before I wrote the review.

When I started on a new integration project and my first one, I picked up “Just spring integration” by Madhusudhan Konda, hoping to navigate my way through a stack of terminologies and patterns developed by enterprise integration world!… Read the post

HTML5: Up and Running by Mark Pilgrim

Disclosure: I was given an early free access to ebook for a review

The book “HTML5: Up and running” By Mark Pilgrim is inspired from website and is a wonderful start for someone who wants to get started and achieve proficiency with HTML5. Thoughts behind a design make user understand the design intent and code samples get your hand to work with real experience. The book also clearly specifies behavior in browsers to extent possible.… Read the post