Virtual product sampling

Retail organizations sample their products before they launch. ┬áThe sampling process basically involves having a physical sample manufactured and reviewed by product designers/creators. Product might undergo change based on look, feel, ergonomics, aesthetics and performance of product’s physical sample. The process is iterative at times and leads to lot of waste not only in material, but also in terms of delay and longer product┬álife-cycles.

With emergence of image processing technologies and close to real life graphics, there are ways you can live without physical samples.… Read the post

Learning action script 3.0 by Rich Shupe with Zevan Rosser

Disclosure: I was given an early free access to ebook for a review

“Learning action script 3.0” book by “Rich Shupe” with “Zevan Rosser” focuses on action script 3.0 mainly in relation to “Flash professional application” referred to as IDE. The language is also used in AIR and Flex platform but the book does not focus on these platforms.

The book starts with architecture and features understanding in 3.0 version of Action Script.… Read the post