StackOverflow Careers in India: Why this Kolaveri?

StackOverflow and StackOverflow Careers

I am huge fan of StackOverflow. I am nowhere to a good programmer envisioned by Joel, but from the day I have found StackOverflow I have fallen in love with it. I have used in past other Q&A websites which were similar but paid and charged insane money, but the quality of answers was rather poor! The day I noticed that they have a “Careers 2.0” or “StackOverflow careers” website, I admired the concept even more.… Read the post


CDNs like Akamai are quite popular in caching and delivering the data using edge servers. This has been a topic in my project which was more misunderstood than understood :)

CDN is useful part of any CMS system which deals with volumes of big files and users across globe- a typical sign of an eCommerce website!

So, here is some light on CDN :… Read the post

Book review: “Just spring integration” by Madhusudhan Konda

A good treat for a beginner 

Disclaimer: I received this e-book for free for writing a review of this book. I have thoroughly read this book and understood concepts before I wrote the review.

When I started on a new integration project and my first one, I picked up “Just spring integration” by Madhusudhan Konda, hoping to navigate my way through a stack of terminologies and patterns developed by enterprise integration world!… Read the post

Portland startup weekend day 3 #PDXSW

So I finally caught up on some sleep and back from zombie state to write about #PDXSW finally! Day 3 started at 9 in morning, Dave my co-developer had stayed back whole night closing loose ends in our Android app. We had modules working as such and we needed to integrate with server through day! We had some bugs of course here and there, but we got overall a basic prototype working for MVP (Minimal viable product).… Read the post

And one more: Cloud foundry!

After hanging around with Google App Engine for a while, finally some kickstart on Cloud Foundry! I think it’s  a great tool and good for anyone wanting to start with cloud deployments in general. Check out the first article on how to get started and be in cloud:… Read the post

Portland startup weekend day 2 #PDXSW

Day 2 of of Portland startup weekend! We shaped and developed idea, and we started develop it quite right in morning! The initial hurdles of not have ever developed a Android app and trying  couple of tools to do RAD turned out a little costly! But we finally triumphed! We finally figured out a way and got through some applications screens. We had John the StartupWeekend fonuder, who nailed certain our area of our product and gave us some insights into where we could improve.… Read the post

Portland startup weekend Day 1 #PDXSW

Today is Portland Startup weekend’s #PDXSW day 1. Among lot of people and plenty ideas, event started. While there is lot of stuff I can talk about, I have certain focus points to make:

  • Portland business accelerator: Portland business accelerator is the startup incubator initiative of Portland State University (PSU). They offer a conducive environment for budding startups! The environment provides office space, net connectivity and all you would need in a daily business day: guess what, without lease!
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