Serverless Summit Bangalore India 2017

Serverless Summit India 2017 was the first conference focused on serverless technologies. This was my first stab at a talk after I started working on Fission and Go lang. The demo is not the best because I was using another person’s laptop due to some projector cable issues with my mac. You should definitely checkout Soam’s video at Kubecon USA 2017 which demos many new features in detail. The Fission project can be found on Github here


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ContainerCamp AU 2017

ContainerCamp is a conference focused on containers and brings together some interesting lineup of speakers. I was thrilled to have got the opportunity to speak at ContainerCamp Australia in 2017 and it was the first container focused conference in Australia. I conducted a workshop on Kubernetes 101 the day before the conference and the talk was focused on comparing frameworks which enable serverless style deployment on Kubernetes.

At the time talk was submitted I was not aware of Kubeless which was pretty new at that point in time.… Read the post

DevOps Days India 2016

DevOpsDays India has been one of my favourite conference to attend due to the quality of talks and speakers. In 2016 I finally got an opportunity to speak at DevOpsDays India. The topic of the presentation was “Making Kubernetes simple with Rancher”. I and Girish also had also written a book on “Deploying and scaling Kubernetes with Rancher” which is available for free here. The video from the conference can be seen below:

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Monitoring with Collectd, InfluxDB & Grafana

Thanks to Harshal Shah for creating the framework from scratch and getting me to dig into this.

In this tutorial we are going to setup a complete stack which will collect performance metrics from multiple machines, store it in a datastore and visualise as graphs. Let’s go over the setup, design and role of individual components and then jump into configuring individual components and linking them together.

We have a three layer setup – and this setup is available as a setup of vagrant boxes with associated configuration scripts at github repo.… Read the post

Technology notes – 26 July 2015

I stumble across interesting reads and I share it with with friend/colleague with whom I might be discussing that problem/technology etc. This series is an effort to document my own reading and filter the most significant once. I don’t want to start a series because for one there are really good once already which I follow (Will elaborate in a separate post soon) and secondly I want to keep it free in form. No fixed schedules like once in two weeks or no fixed length.… Read the post

Learning Puppet : Free eBook

Puppet is one of fast evolving and widely used infrastructure automation & configuration management platform. Puppet has changed the way infrastructure is built and deployed and continues to innovate the space. Keeping the pace of learning with puppet and in general this domain’s development is a challenging job.

While working, teaching and learning I realized that some of my learning can be useful for others to learn and contribute. So I decided to pen (or keyboard) down my thoughts along with simple use cases where you build things while learning.… Read the post

API economy

I met a friend at DevOps conference who used to worked for Sabre. He told me about how huge Sabre is and how it drives world’s travel businesses. I went home and researched the company and left it at that. The “Aha” moment happened when I was working on an assignment related to API management. The sheer magnitude of what Sabre was doing and what many others are doing with APIs was huge and I could make sense of it only after looking at it from API perspective.… Read the post

Spring Integration to iPaaS aka Cloud Integration

In 2010 I worked on a project which involved Spring integration framework, the framework was introduced by a friend and colleague. Messaging as a programming model in Spring integration was a refreshing way to build applications (I highly recommend reading the linked article by Gregor Hohpe). You have to think about everything as integration & message passing between two components . Fast forward to early 2014 and working on iPaaS platform is next level of integration (iPaaS is well Recognized by Gartner  and magic quadrant on iPaaS).… Read the post

Using CI Tools for Continuous Delivery?

The views presented here are my own and not of my employer

I was reading through the conversation at DevOps tool-chain group. The problem posted was difficulty of using Jenkins as a delivery pipeline. Specially when it comes to complex workflows for example diamond dependencies, fan out & fan in etc. My thoughts after reading post were (Which you will see being different later):

  • Though you can use Jenkins to build continuous deliver pipelines, there are better suited and specialized “deployment automation” tools for the job:
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DevOpsDays India 2013

I attended DevOpsDays India 2013 held in Bangalore. Overall program can be found here and videos should be uploaded in two weeks approximately. This is a personal account of my experience and what I enjoyed the most!

Traveling all the way from Pune, I made it just in time to Sidu’s keynote on building communities. Sidu has been founder of few startups and as part of C42 engineering they have built RubyMonk which myself and friends have found immensely helpful in getting started with Ruby.… Read the post